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Orycon Schedule

Hope you'll come say Hello. :)

Orycon 38
Itinerary for Stephanie Weippert

ORC Open Read and Critiques Session B
Willamette (L)
Fri Nov 18 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Stephanie Weippert

Stephanie Weippert Reading
Hawthorne (2)
Fri Nov 18 3:30pm - 4:00pm
Stephanie Weippert

Social Media and the Modern Writer
Meadowlark (3)
Fri Nov 18 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Curtis Chen, Elizabeth Shannon, Elton Elliott, Katie Lane, Stephanie Weippert

ORC Open Read and Critiques Session C
Willamette (L)
Sat Nov 19 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Stephanie Weippert

Concert: Starlight
Mt Hood (2)
Sat Nov 19 4:00pm - 5:00pm
John Gray III, Natalie Gibbs, Richard Glover, Stephanie Weippert


Road to Chaos is on track for a November release. I'll post the pre-order link the day Editordude sends it to me. So, without further ado, here's the cover of my next book!

Many Things

I got the editing notes back on Road to Chaos, and it sounds like they aren't too extensive, so the book is still on track to come out this November. Happy Dance.  This is very good, as it has been confirmed that I will be a pro at this year's Orycon, which happens mid November. My writer ego is so looking forward to placing two, Yes Two!, published books in front of me at my panels. Squee!

If you need a reason to go, one of my writing idols, David Weber is the Guest of Honor and I plan on bringing at least one Honor Harrington book for him to sign. Orycon also has an Editor Guest of Honor, who is Diana Gill this year. I hope to get a chance to listen to her over drinks sometime that weekend too. Outside of writing, the artist Guest of Honor is David Mattingly, and Mark Osier is the filk Guest of Honor.

Which does remind me that the filk band I perform in, Starlight, got a concert at Orycon as well. Whew, will I ever be busy, but I still would love to see you there. Please look me up. I love to have people come up and say Hi!

Now, the sad news. I'm behind on the sequel to Sweet Secrets. I had almost 9,000 words written, but I don't anymore. The hard drive on my laptop crashed and I found out that I hadn't emailed it to my husband like I thought I had, so when I get done kicking myself for not doing what I should have done, (In my defense usually do. Really! I don't know why I didn't this time.), I get to start all over again.

My Westercon Panelist Schedule

In less than five days, I'll be at Westercon in Portland, OR. I hope to see you there.  If you want to find me, they scheduled me for these panels.

Westercon 69
Itinerary for Stephanie Weippert
Moderators in Bold
Open Read and Critique
Sat Jul 2 11:00:am - 12:00:pm
Want fast feedback on your writing? Try an Open Read & Critique (ORC) session! Read the opening portion of your short story or novel aloud and receive instant, Clarion-style critiques. This is an opportunity to receive peer feedback on your manuscript before you send it to agents or editors. You must sign up ahead of time to participate, sign ups will be available at the convention.
Stephanie Weippert
Saturday 1pm Writer Workshop
Sat Jul 2 1:00:pm - 2:00:pm
This is a pre-registered event. Potential writers meet with a selection of professionals for constructive feedback regarding recent work.
Esther Jones, James Glass, Sharon Joss, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Stephanie Weippert
Plotting vs. Pantsing
Sat Jul 2 3:00:pm - 4:00:pm
Do you outline a story or just wing it? How do you plot a novel from beginning to end so there's enough structure, but not so much you write yourself into a corner?
Blythe Ayne, Carol Berg, Jim Doty, Stephanie Weippert
Open Read and Critique
Sun Jul 3 11:00:am - 12:00:pm
Want fast feedback on your writing? Try an Open Read & Critique (ORC) session! Read the opening portion of your short story or novel aloud and receive instant, Clarion-style critiques. This is an opportunity to receive peer feedback on your manuscript before you send it to agents or editors. You must sign up ahead of time to participate, sign ups will be available at the convention.
Stephanie Weippert

Hope to see you there!  

I've got an INTERVIEW! Squeeee!

Got a call a few days back from Editordude asking if I wanted to be interviewed by Krypton radio. Of couse I couldn't tell him YES! fast enough. So if you want to hear me charm the soxs off Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox go to Kryptonradio.com on the following dates and times.

It will air this coming Saturday (6/11) at 9 pm Pacific / Midnight Eastern, then again Sunday (6/12) at 4 pm / 7 pm Eastern, then Tuesday and the following Saturday(6/18) at 4 am Pacific / 7 am Eastern

If none of those times work for you, afterwards I've been told it will available on their main website.

One of my pet peeves

Still working on Road to Chaos, but real life keeps getting in the way.  :(

However, what I wanted to post about here is one of my little pet peeves when I read a great story:  Boring Color descriptions

Now, brown, blue, and yellow each has a place in our language, but when that's the only colors used in the whole book?  Change it up!  Yeah, a saddle is brown and so is dirt, but they are not the same color for goodness sakes. Google a color name wheel and use it. Please!  Use teal, royal, and blue for character's eyes, because honestly, have you ever seen two people with exactly the same color blue eyes?  I know I haven't.  So, get creative and decide that your handsome man in your romance doesn't have boring old brown eyes, your protag sees dark chocolate colored eyes. See what I did there? If I told you the protag (male or female) is in love with that man you'd believe me, right?  I got across the point with just how I described the man's eyes to the protag. It's sneaky, but this subtle writing technique works and works well.  So, use that color wheel writers!

Appearances Schedule

Having fun at Norwescon. :)
If you're here, please look for me in my little red scooter and I'll give you a badge ribbon. Resting now in my room before my Book Launch party tonight at 8pm. Squeeeee!

If you can't make it here this weekend, Norwescon isn't my only appearance this year.  I will be at several conventions around the Pacific Northwest in the coming year. I've copy pasted the list of my appearances from TANSTAAFLPress.com below for you . If you will be at any of these, please come and say Hi. I'd enjoy see you.

Author Location
Stephanie L. Weippert NorWesCon – Seattle, WA – www.norwescon.org Confirmed
Stephanie L. Weippert WesterCon 69 – Portland, OR – www.westercon69.org
Stephanie L. Weippert Capital Indie Book Convention – Olympia, WA – Confirmed
Stephanie L. Weippert Geek Girl Con – Seattle, WA – geekgirlcon.com
Stephanie L. Weippert Central City Comic Con – Yakima, WA –CentralCityComicCon.com/ Confirmed
Stephanie L. Weippert Spanaway Craft Show – Spanaway, WA
Stephanie L. Weippert OryCon – Portland, OR – 37.orycon.org Confirmed
Stephanie L. Weippert MythicWorlds – Seattle, WA – http://mythicworlds.net/Confirmed

Book Launch Party at Norwescon!

Only 4 more days until my awesome book launch party and I'm getting more and more excited. Squeee!  You don't have to buy a Norwescon badge to come. Just arrive at the SeaTac DoubleTree hotel by 8pm Friday, March 25th and go to room 5330. We'll have cookies!  Editordude has told me that he has a big announcement/reveal he will do at the party too.

I look forward to seeing you there!  

Great News!  My first book, Sweet Secrets, is now out in the wild. You can find it at either link below the image.

At My Publisher:


At Amazon:


Editordude told me that my book launch party will happen on Friday, March 26th at Norwescon. Please stop by and say Hi!  :D

The powers that be worked to remove any blockages so that my book launch party will be held at Norwescon this year.  *happy dance*
How this worked out made me almost fall out of my chair laughing.
Last Friday, I got a call from editordude that he might have to move the launch party because he couldn't get a suite to hold it in. He had contacted 3 people on Norwescon's concom but no luck. I offered my hotel liaison skills to find one for us and he agreed. I had planned on contacting the Hotel staff directly to get us a regular room (with bed removed) on Monday. My last words before we hung up were that I had a greater than 50% chance of getting us a room.  The NEXT DAY I get an email from editordude that a room opened up, and it was a 1st Floor Suite.  OMG is that a prime location too.  So, I hadn't done anything yet, just THINKING about doing something made the hotel behave.  ROTFL

And THAT'S why Conflikt doesn't want me to ever stop being their hotel liaison.

More details will be forthcoming. 


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