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I know; I'm still bad at this

Me July 2010
I don't know when I'll get back to regular posting here, but hi! anyway. I've made a little progress on the latest WIP; it's really slow going with schoolwork taking up my writing time Monday through Friday. This is a fun story to write, which means it will be a fun story to read. My poor protag gets exasperated in such entertaining ways. *evil grin* Anyway, the word count currently sits at:

4412 / 80000 words. 6% done!

My poetry writing class is still fun. I like my teacher's laid back, non-regimental style. She's teaching about forms and had us each try to write a form in class "just to get our feet wet." I decided to try a villanelle since I've done that one before, but couldn't come up with a topic, so went recursive.:)

Villanelles are easy
whatever you might think. Just
write two lines repeatedly

Your subject can by anything.
Anything at all. Really!
Villanelles are easy!

There's endless subjects out there
mundane to profound. They fit when you
write two lines repeatedly.

You can write about your dog.
You can write about your god.
Villanelles are easy!

Consistent content is important
other lines must expand the idea, as you
write two lines repeatedly.

No matter what the subject
condensed ideas are why
Villanelles are easy, just
write two lines, repeatedly


I have a cool poetry teacher

Muse laughs
Because she had us write limericks! lol

We only had a few minutes, so they weren't the height of Literature, but people laughed when I read mine outloud.

Plastic mouse rolls under my hand.
You sucked all the time that I had.
With email and facebook
cat pics I must look
If caught, my boss will be mad. 


A poem for your Sunday afternoon

sad kitty

Oh how I want to wish the bad away.
I promise I’d make you all better, for
I admire and look up to you.
This should not happen!
Not divine, I fall on my bed like a child.
I don’t want to be an adult anymore.


String fantasy growing

Me July 2010
As much as I would like to work on my WIP every day, taking a full 15 credits means that I have weekends. That's a bummer, but the best Hunnybun in the world watched the kids so I could run away from home and add  a few words to my total.

Gawd, i love that man. :)

"NaNoWriMo writing toys games & gadgets">

</a>4065 / 80000 words. 5% done!

status of latest project

It feels so good to be writing again.

I feel like I got something important back. A place inside of me is filled again. That feels so wonderful.

*happy dance*

My WIP now sits at:

3140 / 80000 words. 4% done!



Me July 2010
Norwescon this year was okay. We had a concert on Friday that had a few people attend. There was one man who found out we do a cover of Seanan McGuire's "Modern Mystic" and after staying to hear us, bought our CD. I think Hunnybun sold one more, but I managed to sell five to a dealer who sold filk CDs in the dealer's room. Not bad for a new filk band.

My panels went off without problems. Everyone else up there with me were smart, knowledgeable and fun to work with. I picked up a couple of panels on Saturday that needed people, and turns out I had a scheduled reading Sunday morning, but between not finding out until Saturday, being short on sleep, and a Hunnybun that lets you sleep if he doesn't think you need to get up, I missed it. :(  I feel so terrible about it, even now.  If any of you were waiting for me, I'm so very sorry I messed up. Contact me here on LJ with an email so I can send you a short story to make it up to you.

I did get to see many people I had looked forward to seeing at the con, but only got to talk to one of them for any length of time. The weekend was just that way. I would pass someone in the hall on my way to a panel, meet a person I wanted to talk to, who would say we needed to get together but they had this thing/panel/bathroom to go to now and they would catch me later that weekend. *sigh* At least I caught ladyofthemasque online and we found a date to do lunch in May. Between our two schedules, it has taken more than six months to do this.

My submission to First Page Idol panel went over well, with the critique panelists saying I needed to cut the first paragraph, but everything else was okay. One of them compared it to one of my real life writer idols, Jim Butcher's Dresden novels. Squeeeee!!!!

The best part of the weekend was that I was treated like I was still a writer, and still included in the writing community, even though that cliquish writers group told me they didn't want me anymore. Silly thought, because they are not the be-all and end-all of the area's writing community, but it still felt good to feel like I am still a writer. :)

Hi! I missed you.

Me July 2010
Life started to settle down a bit, so I now have the bandwidth to waste, spend on social media.

For the few of you who may still be watching, the issue with my ex and son has come to an uneasy balance point, freeing up some stress points. I'm still going to college, and writing papers seriously cuts into writing time. To fix that, this quarter, spring 2013, I'm taking a poetry writing class, I liked the results from the last one I took, my prose improved, and a class gives me deadlines to boot me in the bottom and write, dammit! lol

One thing my poetry teacher does is require a notebook to write down at least three sensory things each day. I never really got into the "carry a notebook around to write in" thing, so doing so because it's a part of my grade feels odd, like I'm being pretentious or something. I guess the teacher knows what she's doing, I hope, and since I want to improve, the only thing I can do  is take advantage of opportunities like this while I keep writing, something, anything, every day. 

Productive Day

Muse laughs
Got some words on the page today. My newest project is just over 2,000 words. Not bad. Only around 78,000 more to go. lol I think I got a good hook here though. Let me show you...

It was one of those days, ya’know? Rushing to a casting call for that sweet movie role I would commit a felony to have, I got lost on a construction detour that wasn’t in my GPS, and tuned the wrong way down a one-way street.
The car I pulled in front of hit me square on the nose. Not too hard, the impact only broke off my license plate and dented  my fender a bit, but when you drive a 1970s land yacht there’s got be some compensation for the horrible gas mileage.  Both of us opened our doors to get out, and dried mud flaked off his jeans and t-shirt. Great, I thought, a construction worker. Probably stronger in his little finger than I was with both arms. I did a quick check of my concerned baby blues and responsible manly smile in the side mirror before came around his car. If he was angry, I needed the perfect sympathetic expression to calm him down. Hey, don’t judge. I’m an actor; it’s what we do.
He pointed this twisted little stick at me and shouted, “Are you Eldrich?”
“What the…?” I said as I put my hands up in surrender. In soft calm-down-the-crazy tones, I said, “Hey, sorry guy. Don’t know what you’re talking about. I got lost on the detour…”
The stick disappeared like a magician’s rabbit. “Mundane. Figures.” He rubbed his face and his body wilted like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Words that sounded like vile curse words fell from his mouth. To my AMDA Los Angeles trained ear, they sounded vaguely Latin-y or maybe eastern European, funny that he didn’t have an accent speaking American.
“Hey, it’s okay buddy.” I came up to him as I got out my wallet. “We’ll exchange insurance info then be on our way…” A stream of viscous pink fluid began to stream out from under his car right on my good shoes. Like I said, it was one of those days. I looked down and cursed myself, because no way I was getting that pink crap out of my best leather shoes.
“We have to take your car.” The guy turned me around and shoved me toward my 1977 blue Impala. “Get in. Drive back to your place.”
I found myself sitting behind the wheel before I could even open my mouth to protest. Then the guy opened the passenger door, tossed the pile of scripts in the back seat and sat down next to me faster than my brain thought of locking him out. When the passenger door slammed, I turned and gave him my best angry teacher expression from my last gum commercial and said, “Why in hell should I take you to my apartment? I don’t know you from Adam.” My finger pointed out the passenger window. “Take a hike!”
His head bowed and his right hand touched his chin and chest. “My pardons. My name is Eric Jason, Senior Apprentice Wizard to Senior Wizard Daksha Grover. Um…” Tears sprung from his eyes. He wiped them away with impatience. “Damn. The late Daksha Grover. I need help and Chaos brought you to me and disabled my car so we’re supposed to take yours. Now, drive before they catch up to me and kill us both.”

Hunnybun likes it and voted for this to be the next project. We discussed titles, and came up with String Fantasy since the magic works on chaos math but wizard main character wants to add string theory math to the cannon and is persecuted for it. When one of us said it sounded like a pejorative for the whole genre, we decided to run with it. The next one in the series will be called Spaghetti Western because the actor main character will be on location in Tombstone AZ when reality goes wacky and the 1st Anglican Church of Tombstone changes to the 1st Pastafarian Church of Tombstone. *ducks thrown items*

For those that just went "huh?" Go here

With Hope in My Heart

Me July 2010
I sent off the story for the anthology I got the invite to. I already got email confirmation that I made the first cut and it was sent to the specific editor. *happy dance* Soon, I will know if I made the final cut.

They have opened to general submissions and if any of you have a short story that needs a home, read the descriptions below to see if it might fit one of these anthologies from EvilGirlfriendMedia.

Love writing short stories? We’ll be releasing three anthologies this year under our series line entitled, Three Little Words. Yep, you guessed it, each story in the respective collection must use the three little words in the title. Cute, huh?
Stories between 5,000-15,000 words will be considered.
Roms, Bombs, and Zoms – Have you always dreamed of writing an explosive romantic zombie story? What about a war torn computerized society where everyone marches around drooling for RAM in 1987? We want stories involving a bomb (this can mean many things), romance, and zombies. Deadline April 1, 2013.
Witches, Stitches, and Bitches – What if you had the power to sew up the mouth of the evil bitch who called you fat in 10th grade? How would you deal with a curse that caused you to be infertile because you stole the heart of someone else’s love? Would you choose love or the ability to have children? We are looking for 13 stories involving a witch, a stitch, and a bitch. The stories will revolve around the witches’ calendar which begins with October. We would like five stories in the book to involve holidays (Samhain-we will take two- one to open the book and the other to close it, Yule, Beltane, and Mabon). If you plan to write a holiday story please identify this in your submission letter. Deadline May 1, 2013.
Stamps, Vamps, and Tramps – Have you always wanted to know what tattoos were used for in Roman times? What if a vampire was the one giving them out? How would a vampire prostitute handle her own with Jack the Ripper in foggy London while the local tattoo artist watched? We are looking for stories that include the history of tattoos (any time period), vampires (your preferred mythos), and tramps (whatever your definition of a tramp is). Human main characters are fine but vampires have to be in the story. There are 15 openings for this anthology. Submission deadline June 1, 2013.
Please use the form at the right to submit your story for consideration. One submission per anthology will be accepted. Payment for anthology stories is $20 USD and a copy of the anthology. In return, you give us exclusive rights for one year from the date of publication, after that you are free to submit the story to other publications as long as you acknowledge us as first publisher.

That Time of Year Again

Me July 2010

Yes, I was lucky again this year and will be a pro at Norwescon. Most of my panels are filk related but I do get to be on one writing panel Feminism in Science Fiction: 

Feminism in Science Fiction   Friday 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 8
Feminism and feminist themes have been an integral part of SF since the sixties and seventies, starting with the work of Joanna Russ, Ursula LeGuin, James Tiptree, Jr. and others. Come with us as we discuss how SF has been used to challenge the boundaries of gender expectations and produce new ways of knowing the world. And just as importantly--is it still doing so?
Caren Gussoff, Sean Hagle, Stephanie L. Weippert, Stina Leicht

I hope to have good news before then. I will post just as soon as it is confirmed that my submission is a go. *fingers crossed* 

Any good thoughts you can send my way are appreciated!