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31 May
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I write because I must. My writing addiction started with a slug.

Okay, I'll explain...

A Local convention held a contest for short stories involving a slug, and I entered just for fun, and found it hard to stop once I started. (Take note kids. This could be YOU!)

I started with stories from the POV of wizard's familiars and even finished two 60,000+ books about them, but found that as I wrote more to build my skills, I wrote about lots of stuff from love stories to dystopias, including magic and space invasions. Fortunately for my sanity, not all in the same tale. lol

My muse is still an intelligent, ok very intelligent (you can retract claws now-thank you), cat.

And if you're not scared away yet, I may be reached at my writing e-mail stephanie.weippert@gmail.com.:D